Martin Crossley PhD

Scientific Liaison

Martin Crossley is the Scientific Liaison Officer at Talisman Therapeutics. He is responsible for leading commercial discussions with new and existing collaborators around the world. Prior to this role, Martin held a Postdoctoral Scientist II with Talisman and worked on wide-ranging projects with academic and industrial collaborators. Before joining Talisman, Martin undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at Pfizer Neusentis, working on patient-derived iPSCs as an in vitro model of epilepsy using stem cell culture, molecular biology, electrophysiology and imaging techniques. Martin has an undergraduate Master’s degree (1st class Hons) from the University of Bath in molecular and cellular biology and a PhD in developmental neurobiology from King’s College London. His PhD research was on the assembly of neuromuscular circuits in vitro to study neuromuscular junction formation and maturation, enabling the development of a potential screening assay for motor neuron disease.
Martin Crossley