Talisman presenting at the Biomarkers UK conference (8-9th November 2021)

Dr. Clare Jones, Talisman’s CSO, will be speaking at the Biomarkers UK conference in Manchester next week (8-9th November 2021), introducing Talisman’s neurodegenerative disease modelling platforms and showcasing some recent work.

Biomarkers UK is designed to provide forward-looking insights into the latest trends and tools impacting biomarker research, bringing together leading experts from global pharmaceutical organisations, innovative biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions working across multiple therapeutic areas and stages of drug development.

We’d love to see you in Manchester, and Dr. Jones will be happy to answer any questions you have about our work here at Talisman. If you’d like to attend, but haven’t registered yet, you can register at Oxford Global’s page here: https://www.oxfordglobal.co.uk/biomarkers-series-uk/