Rick Livesey

Rick Livesey MB, BChir, PhD
Director, Founding Scientist and Chief Scientific Officer

Rick Livesey is a Director and the Chief Scientific Officer of Talisman Therapeutics. He is responsible for the scientific vision and strategy of Talisman. With twenty years of experience in neuroscience and stem cell biology, his research group has pioneered methods to model human brain development and disease from pluripotent stem cells. They have successfully used this approach to recreate dementia pathogenesis in the lab, using genetic forms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Rick is a Senior Group Leader at the Gurdon Institute, a faculty member of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge and a fellow of Trinity College Cambridge.

Prior to starting his research group in Cambridge, he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School. Rick obtained his medical degree and PhD from the University of Cambridge.